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15th August 2022 
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About psychotherapy and the way I work

Psychotherapy lies rooted in the past and traditionally psychotherapists worked with people who wanted to explore deeper, underlying issues that needed longer term commitment on both parts. Counselling generally was more short term and was very successful in helping people sort out specific, and probably recent, difficulties. These days the lines are more blurred and psychotherapists often work short term. It may be that you would prefer to test out what being in therapy is like, or you are just not quite ready to take it on, but need some help before deciding what you want to do in the future. Time limited therapy can be very useful as an effective means of building up your confidence and helping you gain perspective so that you will be able to make better choices for yourself in the short term.

The relationship between the client and therapist is an important tool in therapy. Being in relationship with you, observing how our relationship works, how we relate to each other, is the way I can help you feel less isolated and alone and make connections with your deeper experiences.
I trained as a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist which means my work and my approach are informed by theories about the development of human beings and their relationships, and by the belief that human beings have an innate capacity to heal.

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